Our principles

  • Collaborate well with the stakeholders upfront; their knowledge is rich and detailed. Setting the problem out clearly enables us to provide guidance to the client team on how to seek the right information
  • Shake up conventions to stimulate fresh inspiration for new approaches that work
  • Pose good questions to consumers, knowing which ones will get to the bottom of the issue for brands, communication, innovation
  • Focus intensity upon analysing what you learn and drilling to the real insights
  • Deliver outputs which enable immediate action and demonstrate the way forward
  • Gail combines her experience with contemporary thinking to provide flexible approaches suited to the project at hand

Tools include;

  • Adapted traditional qualitative techniques
  • Core values assessment, needs laddering
  • Developing Brand Keys and uncovering brand stories
  • Ethnographic observation, participant observation
  • Various shopper approaches
  • Semiotic cultural analysis
  • Online studies, blogging and diaries
  • Safaris, co-creation and ideation workshops
  • PR Event based research

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